Integrate With Your Existing Ticketing System

If you’ve already got a ticketing system, we can connect with it. If not, you can use ours. If you don’t see your system listed below, let us know and we’ll look into adding it.

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Integrating is Easy

Just grant QAtab authorization to create tickets (or issues or stories - same thing, different day) via OAuth or some other token-based system.

Every time someone submits an issue with QAtab, we’ll use the authorization to automatically make a ticket in your system.

All of the Streamline. None of the New Solution to Learn.

Search and Update. All From the Tab

If you’re using Pivotal Tracker as your ticketing system, we’ve got a special treat for you. On our Agency and Enterprise plans, you can search existing tickets by title or label and add notes to them.

This lets your QA staff easily update issues while testing your site or app on mobile devices - all without switching over to the Pivotal Tracker web interface.

See the Pivotal Tracker Integration

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